It Pays To Be A Member


- Monthly Meetings with Informative and Topical Speakers

Each month the Chamblee Business Association brings you a speaker with knowledge and understanding of current business trends and information to improve your business practices.

Member general meeting fees are just $5.00. This includes coffee and breakfast items. Don’t forget about networking opportunities as well.

- Personalized Introductions Each member has the opportunity to introduce themselves and state their company name at each general meeting.

-  Marketing Table at General Meetings Members have the opportunity to display brochures or other marketing materials at each general meeting.

-  Online Business Directory All members will be featured in our online directory. Each member will be able to update their profile including email and website information. Only paid members will be able to view your full directory.

-  Chamblee Event Updates City of Chamblee updates blasted to your email inbox.

-  Business After Hours Events A great networking opportunity.  This is a monthly after work function with food and beverages and door prizes.

-  Host a General Meeting Host a general meeting with the opportunity to provide a guest speaker and have 5 minutes to introduce your company, display additional marketing materials or provide give-a-ways and be featured on our website as the “meeting sponsor”.  There is a cost for this option, however, hosting is included in Silver and Gold membership levels.

Levels of Membership

Individual  $100.00 

Partnership  $150.00

Company  $200.00

For companies with 3-49 employees, up to 3 persons allowed to attend meetings and functions as members.

Corporate   $500.00

This level includes:  meeting sponsorship, with the opportunity to spotlight your business. For companies over 50 employees, up to 5 persons allowed to attend meetings and functions as members.

Silver  $750.00

This level includes: up to 8 persons allowed to attend meetings and functions as members, meeting sponsorship, with speaker of your choice and recognition of Silver membership on CBA website.

Gold/Harris  $1000.00

This level includes: up to 10 persons allowed to attend meetings and functions as members, meeting sponsorship with speaker of your choice, and recognition of Gold membership on CBA website.

Please visit our membership website to view our member directory or to join via our secure site.

Or download a membership application here

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